November 21, 2011

Beachy Keen


  1. that loveseat looks like a little bit of heaven!


  2. Urban Fragments... Doesn't it look like a perfect spot to relax? I could use it right now!

    Sami... 1) Thank you for all you lovely comments that you leave! I really appreciated it! 2) Can't you just imagine curling up in that spot with a cup o' tea, a book, and a disconnected phone? AH!

  3. We published this house in House Beautiful last year. It's still a favorite.

    Their new store in NYC is great. Bigger and better!

  4. Anonymous... thanks for the information! Some additionally lovely images to be found on House Beautiful. As always! Would love to see their store in person, too!

    My Favourite Fashion Things... Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  5. Such a beautiful space. I'm secretly wondering if my landlord would approve such a transformation in my small apartment. I doubt it, but I can dream of a place like this to call my own, right?

  6. Brandi... actually your landlord would probably love it! Increased property value AND rent? Poifect! But, ideally, probably best to keep dreaming of such a place that benefits you all around. That's what I'm doing too. So, I feel ya'!


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