November 03, 2010


And, this is pretty great too.


  1. i agree with you 100% !!

    i love this video. but didn't really like the song at first, but now i love both.

    i think i've watched it like a thousand times since it was released.

  2. Wow- very cool! Thanks B, and thanks Sweetie for popping by, you made me smile.

  3. I wasn't really a fan before, but a few weeks ago I listened to her new album, and it's really fun! Surprisingly, it's been looping on my iPod for a while now.

  4. Oh wow this is great! I'm going to have to check out her new album.

  5. Oh...I LOVE that! How awesome...I am going to show that to my girls today, so uplifting and awesome! LOVE the fireworks coming out of cool.

  6. Hey, Kids! :) I updated the post with the 'making of' video... and it too is worth the watch. Nice.

    Michael! It's been awhile! Nice to see you, Sir!

    Laurel... you make me smile all the time. I so appreciate your support! XO :)

    Vanessa... well, surprise, surprise! Almost a Katy fan, eh? ;) It happens to the best of us.

    Ashley... I'm pretty much likin' what I've heard so far from 'Mrs.' Perry! :)

    Melissa... Like, Laurel, you are always certain to bring a smile to the Bedlam. Thanks to you, m'dear, for your unwavering support! :)

    Have a great weekend everyone! :)

  7. Thank you. I totally felt the same way when I heard this song on the radio. The music video is a completely DIFFERENT story! Love it.

  8. I love this video! We were just in Budapest, Hungary - where this video was filmed!


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