November 03, 2010

Easy as pie?


  1. The blueberry one looks especially yummy!!!

    . . . my favorite blueberry tart recipe comes from a book called "The Last Course" (the desserts of Gramercy Tavern) pg. 8 :)

    Loving your blog . . . and all those pink cakes at your other image gallery!!

    . . . :) liz

  2. I think it's because pies are so much more labor intensive, you know? The butter for the shell needs to be really cold, it needs to be rolled out... more can go wrong. Cakes are easier to just mix up in a bowl. I'm also more intimidated by pies, but God, do I LOVE eating them!

  3. My mouth actually watered.

    Isn't that funny? Great photos. Great inspiration.

    Thank you!

  4. Finally, someone {a very special baker and lover of sweet delights} understands me! I am scared to death of pie crusts....perhaps we can tackle this fear together?

  5. Beefy...I used to be terrified of pie dough until I made this's amazing and easy (if you have a food processor).

    2C flour
    1/2 Tsp. salt
    1 1/2 sticks butter - cubed
    3 Tb. margarine - cubed (I know, but I like it better than shortening)
    1 Tb. apple cider vinegar added to a 1/4 Cup measure, then fill the rest with water and stick in the freezer (yes freezer).

    Pulse flour and salt in bowl of food processor once or twice to combine. Add butter and margarine, pulse until a large course crumb shows up. Take water/vinegar mixture out of freezer and slowly add to might not need it all (last time I didn't, sometimes I do). Pulse till dough starts to take shape, take out of bowl, form into a ball, cut in half, flatten each half into a disc and either freeze or stick in fridge for at least an hour befor use. Makes 2 crusts (of course).

    It's yummy and if you want it sweeter just sprinkle with sugar before you bake (I brush an egg/cream mixture on top first, whether I use sugar or not) - oh, and if you make a bunch, they freeze great!
    Another secret is I bake my pies on the lower rack so the bottom crust isn't soggy and the top doesn't burn.
    xo J~

  6. hey sweetie pie!!! i miss you! your blog looks fantastic!!! come over and visit sometime...xoxo

  7. Fear Not!

    Seriously great.


  8. How is it that I gain 2 pounds just reading your blog?

  9. Thanks for all the pie support, Kids!

    AlpHa Buttonpusher... doesn't that blueberry tart just look amazing?! YUM!

    Annie... thanks for stopping by! And, if you wanna bake me a pie I won't complain! LOVE your blog and nice to have the introduction!

    liz... I will HAVE to check out that recipe!

    Vanessa... you make a good point! I made two cakes last night in what would likely be the same amount of time to make one pie. But, probably not an expert estimation, y'know? ;)

    JAIME... Thanks!

    Simply Mel... Yay! I got yer back, Girl! Maybe we can tackle the fear together? Sure! Or we can just talk our way through it with champagne and cake? Hmmm? ;)

    24 Corners... Who gets an 'A' for effort? YOU DO!!! Holy moley! Thanks for the whole shebang! I will have to get my pie groove on now! No excuses now, huh? ;)

    Tina... HI! Long time no hear/see... huh? How are you doing these days? I hope the life is going well for you! I will be by your neck of the blogosphere soon!

    gm glimmerglass... I will have to check out Chez Pim too! I'll take all the encouragement I can get! (Thanks for all your comments lately!)

    Tula... OH PLEASE! Two pounds! Girl! You so crazy! And, that's why we loves ya'! Rowr! :)

    Happy weekending, y'all!

  10. I don't know how pie fares in the mail but if you're ever in new york!

  11. I finally perfected my pie crust when I read Alton Brown's recipe and he explained the principle of how to add the ice water to the flour and butter mixture in the cuisinart. The trick is to use a spray bottle so you are adding the smallest drop of water to the smallest particle of flour. The bad thing happens to piecrust when you dump the whole lot of water in at once.

  12. I've followed you on Pinterest for a over a year now. I'm amazed that you're intimidated by pie crust. I agree with the above posters who say use your Cuisinart. The recipe doesn't matter as much as just pulsing the ingredients until they're just sticking together. Roll out between parchment, wrap in Saran Wrap and let it rest for at least 15 minutes or even overnight. --I specifically chose the larger Cuisinart so I could do double batches of dough for holiday pie making.


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