July 06, 2010

Scout's Honor


  1. It's half a block from my house, and I wander through all the time for a aesthetic pick me up...I adore your blog, by the way...

  2. Dearest Uncle B,

    Thank you so kindly for your generous donation to my Chinoiserie Cause. I will indeed wait to cash the check until December 2011, but will of course collect interest at a rate of 25% per month until that time. This will, of course, allow me to paper the walls of the entire house, not just the bedroom.

    As for this shop, I rarely take the trip across the bridge to O-Town but on your recommendation might find the fortitude to do so.

    The City Sage


  3. Just checked this out....love this look. Great store and the not so ordinary hardware store.

  4. i find every excuse to make it out there... bad bad bad...

  5. I have to go here! I work in a shop in Walnut Creek (not far away from Oakland) that is actually very similar to this one... The link to the shop is http://filthygorgeoushome.com/Home.html. I hope you like it!

    - Greer


  6. Yes! I heart this little store! Just wish I could afford to buy more than just a bar of soap! ;)

  7. Ooh, boyfriend and I stumbled in here en route to an amazing yarn store nearby (Article Pract) and we were both jealous it wasn't located in Seattle! And the owners were just sooo nice.


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