June 18, 2010

Words & Weekends

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Okay, Kids... I know. Is this still The Bedlam or is your Uncle trying to become the blogging world's answer to Oprah Winfrey? Hey, I can't help it. I'm on an inspiration kick and who couldn't use a little of that in this world? Maybe you do, maybe you don't... but if you find yourself in the latter category then I suggest you share some of your own inspiration to those in need. Or how about a little random act of kindness. (If that "random act" happens to be depositing a large sum in my bank account? Sure, I'd be open to that. Let's talk. I can assure you it's going to a good cause.)

In the meantime, I send you off into the weekend with this little gem of a video (I know for some of you... "Groan!"). My friend Miss Julia sent this my way and, while it's focus leans a little toward the ladies' side of the room, I could cut right through the gender lines and enjoy it just the same. (True confession... there's an issue of "O Magazine" on my nightstand as we speak. Sue me.) I thought it to be especially lovely and seems a nice way to slide into a weekend.

So, thanks for sticking around, Kids. Looks like I'm ramping up again here so I imagine I'll see ya's all sooner than later. Be well, Kids. Happy weekending!

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  1. Wow! What a piece, just the boost I needed today of all days. I've started on writing my book and have plans for a few more. I've set a date to retire or be semi retired a year from today. Thank you.

  2. Made me cry:) in a good way that is. Needed this. I am excited to see whee we all end uo after we figure it out.

  3. Happy Weekend Uncle B! And thanks for the blog mention and comments this week! They meant a lot! You are a superstar.

    Miss J

  4. Hi uncle, glad to have found you in your online den and listen to your creative musings. Look forward to a quiet weekend to sort things out a bit and figure out the next steps of the journey, so many creative projects, and so little time!

  5. Oh thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed it. FYI, My O magazine has been calling me for a couple of days now (impatiently I might add) and I'm just about to go have a looksie. Enjoy your weekend!


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