June 25, 2010

Summer Breeze

All images from Tara Donne. For more on the Keltic Lodge click here.


  1. oh my, the last picture is breathtaking! I loved actually all of them, a great start for the weekend! Happy Friday! xoxo

  2. These are all so beautiful Uncle, I love that last one so much...what was it like to stay there? Lovely...we are in the middle of one of our summer plans, 3 weeks in New Hampshire while my hubby works up here. So pretty here...

  3. Just adore the photos! Have a wonderful weekend! All the best! M

  4. back again. i always find inspiration here! just booked a weekend at the resort!

    Thanks again and again!


  5. i have been able to catchup on all of my fun reads and i am so happy to see all of these fun posts... isnt the sun (the bits of it) wonderful??? i have to go try the pancake place... looks like fun... not sure of the chicken fried bacon... but one never knows until you try it!
    happy sunday... xx

  6. Holy shitskies...if that's Nova Scotia, I just figured out where Pablo and I will be going on our next vacay. UNREAL! How are ya, Beef? Miss you;) xxoo

  7. wow, this is beautiful! happy summer;) xo


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