June 20, 2010

Rainy Summer Sundays


  1. OMG, uncle B! I couldn't agree more. I actually took 5,000 IU of Vitmin D the other day just to see if it would help. I'm getting on the crazy train next. Toot toot!

    PS - I also like that you were hanging out in a suede jacket with quilted lining - always so classy. I had on an old ratty sweatshirt from 1995.

  2. Oh, I can so relate! Yesterday I walked Vito and I wore a down parka, gloves and one of those head covering ski thingees, where only my mouth and nose show. I looked like a criminal! It has been so brutally cold and windy, I'm getting depressed! This happens every damn summer! Don't you wish we could just have a summer home somewhere warm?

  3. love love love these photographs, beefy!

  4. Ok ... you and Lynn need to get over here for some margarita mayhem and font talk by the pool. Are in SF too ? Wish I could overnight a little sun in a jar to you !

  5. I was all layered and scarved up yesterday and looks like today will be the same...and my surrogate pup Ginger the Dachshund is still having to don her turtleneck sweater...so silly! I'm refusing to wear socks though...my one way of taking the "it's summer and I don't care" stance!

    Love the pics...& hang in there cuz we're hanging in there with you!


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