June 22, 2010

The last straw!!! Berry?

Recipes: (top left)
Strawberry and Apple Crumble & (bottom right) Foolproof Strawberry Jam.


  1. Strawberries, sand between my toes, crickets, and sundresses!

  2. Fresh fruit, visiting the local farm for produce, the water...

  3. So glad your weather turned and you are having a bright, warm, and sunshiny day. We are melting down her in NC with 97 degrees and humid. It's sunny but that's not helping!! Enjoy your day!

  4. I always make strawberry jelly with my mom in the summer. My recipe is pretty similar to this one... hard to go wrong! :)


  5. From one Washingtonian to another, I feel your pain! The clouds become so unbearable. Summer to me is heading East to Lake Roosevelt and soaking up some real heat.


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