May 19, 2010

I'm Still Standing

Okay, Kids... yes, still here. I cannot say "thank you" enough for ALL the comments and emails that have come in and continue to come in from my last post. I hope you know how genuinely appreciative I am for your kindness and generosity in the words and time you've shared with me here at "The Bedlam". Please, please know I mean that most sincerely.

Now, I did get a couple of emails where people were, somehow, under the impression that I was at my wits end. As in, "ending" it. "Goodbye, cruel world!" Period... peace out. Um, NO! Kids, I'm okay. I'm just at a crossroads in my life but rather than distracting myself from it (a "go to" response previously) I'm trying to face some things head on and get on with the life I want. Trying to gear up to do the work that's gotta be done. But that's a lotta grey area to cover and makes my head spin sometimes (i.e., constantly/a lot). I just need to spend some time sorting things out and less time blogging. Got that? Less time... not no time.

Aaaaand, some of ya's thought I was giving up the blogging ship! NO! Not that either! Just a bit more breathing room, more space between posts. Repeat after me, Kids... "Less time... not no time." Do we have an understanding? Good. Now, who wants cake?

Here's the kind of things I'm looking to for inspiration at l'moment:

Yeah, this is a long one and one I've posted before, a long time back. But there are deep and powerful words here from the much missed Kevyn Aucoin. If you're feeling any uncertainty about yourself or your life... I'd give a listen. Maybe even twice.


Next up... Iris Apfel. Kids, does this look like a woman who gives a hoot-n-a-holler about what others think about her? I'm guessing... not so much. And, that is something to aspire toward!

Image and video via The Huffington Post.


  1. Thanks for posting those. I need them today.

  2. Still trying to get the videos to work for me..

    In the meantime, I think it is oh, so necessary to step back, and breathe in the life we choose to write about, talk about, and imitate.

    Yes, let's listen more and chatter less.

  3. Alexis... glad that we're on the side of good timing today. Hope these help.

    Teri... the videos are really a worthwhile watch! Especially, the Kevyn Aucoin one! Just wonderful! So I hope you can get 'em to work! Listen more, chatter less! YES!

  4. Iris needs this walking stick: She's fabulous.

  5. Oh, so lovely to see a post from you! Oh goodness, less time of course! :) I adore these inspirational pieces from you hun, the Kevyn Aucoin one is absolutely beautiful. The fact that those little lime green penny loafers made him so happy broke my heart. Thank GOD his mom got them for him after all. I am always trying to let my girls express themselves and not care what anyone thinks. I hope you are enjoying your discoveries hun, and love hearing from you here and on Pinterest(isn't it so fun?) :) Have a fantastic rest of your week!

  6. i'm dying in giggles!

    goodbye, cruel world! {insert swoon onto the divan here.}

    i miss kevin a. i think he was so brilliant. and i completely understand your mood. i feel a major "doing" break approaching.

    either that or suicide.


    xoxo. the late karey m.

  7. That beautiful.

  8. fantastic! such great inspiration and something we "creatives" need every once in awhile. thanks and hope you are finding YOU everyday.

  9. one of the sorrows of my life is that Kevin Aucoin never did my make-up. really. I totally miss him.

  10. Oh Uncle!

    Love that second video ~ made me think of this Oscar Wilde quote "Only the great masters of style ever succeed in being obscure"


  11. Really uplifting! Thanks for posting these.

  12. Luv you Beefy! Thank you so much for your sweet comments at Apt 34 - know you've got support from everywhere, but some is just a ferry ride away!

  13. love kevyn aucoin! i was just looking through his Making Faces book a few days ago. what a talent (and sorely missed)!

  14. You are so cool and in the same place alot of us are. I think we all seem a little bit more together in bloglan- than we may be IRL. I believe though it is who we want to be so that counts.
    So from me to you a hug and I just say stay open to the abundance of the world around you and something will put you in line with where you need to be, and a hard concept, but right now you are exactly who you are supposed to be and where you are supposed to be and while they feels sucky at the moment it's freeing as well to know that.
    Peace Uncle B- You are adored.

  15. Good for you!
    I knew your blog before but came back this time from Pia Jane Bijkerk where we are listed as the featured blog togeather. Its amazing what a time suck blogging is... but I love it! :)

  16. I so get what you are saying and you, yes YOU, Uncle B, have inspired me to reclaim certain things in my life as well. Gotta pull in the reigns and take stock every now and then ! Hope you are having a most splendid weekend. XO

  17. Thank you. Those videos were both great and affirming and inspiring. Something I needed. :)

  18. Oh Uncle B. You really are a treat. Thanks for being you.

  19. The truth is within yourself. I love that.

    I understand what you're going through.... I feel much the same - like I've been trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do with my life for a long time now... I seem to be following that path of trying different things but never quite finding my place. Maybe I just haven't stood still long enough.

    Thanks for posting, dear.

    I hope you recover from the car accident and no symptoms develop. Take good care of yourself.



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