May 05, 2010

At Full Mast


  1. Love them: Engineered bean splitting machines! Sailing the beans! That paper packaging! Those matching beards! Wonderful! Thank you so much for this video.

  2. Wow! This is really awesome! I'm glad i watched this. i certainly didn't know how chocolate was made before and i really appreciate their creative process. So cool!
    "No one that you will fight harder with than your family, no one that you will fight harder for than your family." - inspiring and honest.
    Thanks for posting this Uncle Beefy! :)

  3. i love these boys! one of my planned stops in the fall when i visit nyc... maybe the first stop. to think of eating chocolate wrapped in such dreamy paper gives me shivers!

  4. Um...yum. I seem to be especially drawn to your food posts.

  5. you make me so happy Uncle B!!!!


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