April 15, 2010

Soon Enough

Image by Oscar Falk. Kids, there's plenty of fashion photography on Mr. Falk's site so always best to consider the possibility of "nsfw". 


  1. Awe no worries B, We miss you but want you to find your way back when you are feelin' it.
    Warm Hug,

  2. beautiful photo. honesty is a lovely thing :)

  3. Hang in there....these times happen to all of us, they always leave us a bit more in tune somehow and in a surprisingly unexpected way...blessed!

    Keep in mind...tomorrow...SUN and WARMTH! (so they say)

    BTW - I just did post on how I've been handling "issues" using our beautiful area as my go to sanity restorer and stress reliever...xo

  4. miss you...and hope you are taking good care of yourself...we all need moments of pause and without any expectations. Enjoy, and know that we are all here missing you!!

  5. Sorry to have to contact you through a comment, but your "email" link isn't working for me. Anyhoo, thought I'd let you know that I sent out some blog love your way over at http://keepcalmrockon.blogspot.com. Keep up the good work!


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