March 22, 2010

Home Sweet Someone Else's Home

All images from Marc LaRoche Architects.



  1. Seduced by the land of modern. Happens to the best of us!

  2. Completely stunning. How can you not love a home that creates such a beautiful dialogue between indoors and outdoors?!

  3. There is something "old" about this very "new" home. Can we "borrow" it? know just for a weekend, or a week, or a lifetime or more?

  4. Spectacular. I also cheat on my traditional leanings often. Have grown to adore all things mod-and have a fat love for my mother in laws Eichler home. I used to think it was cold and lacking charm-now I see it as sleek mid-century marvy:)
    I am hoping my son and his guy end up in such a place some time so I can hide there:)or maybe I will redo the Eichler someday! Now that would be fun!

  5. wow gorgeous-looking home! and all that beautiful wood!

  6. Cool house! I love the title of your post! Mmmm...cupcakes...yum...


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