March 26, 2010


Blossom photo by your Uncle. Fabtastic card by Mitchell & Dent!


  1. Gorgeous blossoms! Love it! =) Happy Spring! -Chiara

  2. Have a fab weekend Uncle Beefy! ;)

  3. i'm pretty sure we all feel this way- sometimes blogging is a great outlet {as far as our own contribution}, but it can also be great just to take in all that everyone else has to offer.
    really, your posts are always good.

  4. i wish someone would send me that card. very funny

  5. Chiara... thanks for stoppin' by and Happy Spring to you as well! :)

    Jane... thanks for the weekend wishes! I only had one day off of work but it was a lovely one thankfully. Hope your weekend was restful and restorative. :)

    elena... Thanks for stopping by and all your comments now & before. :)

    jordan... thanks for your kind and supportive words.

    mandy... isn't that card just the uber cutest!!! I j'adore it!!! And the others in the series too... did you check them out?

    Thanks, Kids! Trying to get back into the swing of responding to your lovely comments. :)

  6. Oh, Uncle Beefy!

    Sorry to hear your feeling a little low. I have been feeling the same way since the time changed. :( Something to do with feeling like it should be warm and sunny and instead we've had a series of cold and rain.

    I feel like the energy of the trees budding is almost too overwhelming ~ they're being far more productive these days than I...

    Just remember, this too shall pass. It always does and soon you'll be bursting with inspiration.

  7. love the card!! that is exactly the card i would send to you, beefy :)


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