March 02, 2010

Bottoms Up

All images from Derrière.


  1. Hello (:
    Quite unusually it looks a mess but everything in its place (;
    Yours sincerely

  2. Just found your blog...and we are so happy,it's full of deliciousnesses .

  3. i would love to create an alice world/room. altough mine would be a bit more 'cheery' alice rather than 'gloomy' alice.

    love the bookshelves!!

  4. wow those are pretty amazing looking rooms....awesome!

  5. Oh I LOVE! Very timely with madhatter movie just around the bend!
    I have always loved walls covered in odd shaped mirrors. Not becaue I am vain-more because I am nuts.:)
    Happy Tuesday Beefy! xoxo


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