March 04, 2010

A, B, Sweet


  1. Oh I love these- so simple and very sweet,I have three daughters, and I am thinking this is a lovely idea.
    Happy Day B

  2. ///OH, BEEFY-

    Aren't these a direct copy of the original ones by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany?

    It is rather a long time since she designed them--so perhaps now people have kind of design amnesia and don't know what is original and what it not.

    I think these are rather close...copies...of Elsa's. Please check....and she did not do CAPS.
    Cheers, DIANE

  3. Well, Diane... after looking at Elsa's original designs I don't think I would label these a "direct copy". Inspired? Perhaps. Copied? I don't think so. I think Elsa's pieces have an entirely different feel and the addition of "caps" only further sets this collection apart. (Never mind, the price point.)

    I know in the creative arts that people get ideas taken from them all the time. And, I think it's deplorable. However, in all my creative and entrepreneurial years I've also seen countless moments where similar ideas get thought up quite innocently and by accident. Just ask my other friends! It happens amongst us all the time!

  4. OH DIANE-

    It has indeed been a long time since Elsa Peretti designed her line for Tiffany. Perhaps you are the one with design amnesia and have not looked at fonts in a very long time. As a woman in publishing, you must be aware of the many, many ways a font can be interpreted using the roman alphabet. I read your comment and did a side by side comparison of both artist's work. The only thing they do share is an incredible line and signature style. Both unique.

    As an artist and designer I find your comment irresponsible. When commenting on a public blog, accusing an artist of copyright infringement is a serious matter. Please take a moment to consider the impact of your comments before posting. You might also consider taking a moment to study blog etiquette. When one comments on a blog page it is considered rude and gosh to include your own blog address in your comment.




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