February 23, 2010

"You want me to wash your mouth out?!!" (Um, yes please.)


  1. With sugar please!!! I am on my thrid box of girl scout cookies-this is all too much.
    xo Happy Tuesday Beefy.

  2. beefy...........now i must have a donut

  3. Now that is just cruel. Your comment the other day made me do a spit-take with my tea. Thanks for making me laugh.

  4. There is no way that an imbibing man should have these about no matter how pretty they are! I can imagine drifting home after a cocktail party and thinking "man that is some great cupcake"...

    Then again, this from a man that one time took a big bite of a fake dessert at a restaurant [by accident] while on a date...


  5. what a find! i read your blog daily you always make me laugh :).

  6. soap ? well i'd never. i mean, hop in the shower with a cupcake. um, or something like that. it's well past midnight as i type,... this could get messy (as would a real cupcake in the shower mind you). i'll stop there and just agree with your tag - radical awesomeness indeed. (or was it awesome radicalness ?) :)


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