February 04, 2010

A Wee Birdy Told Me


  1. Oooooh. I want! Yes, I love Wee Birdy!!

  2. What a great trailer! Love it.


  3. Hi Uncle Beefy!
    I was just wondering if that's your own handwriting or a down-loadable font??? Because I dig it!!!

  4. Just think of it - throw in a small bag with a few changes of clothes, those three books you've been meaning to open, a few toiletries, some cheese, fruit, crusty bread and bourbon, and take to the road. Have you looked at the Tab camper? I have dreams about that one, since I can't afford the Silver Streak. It's almost as cute as this little cream puff. Still cracking up over your "Take that, cupcake!" post. You're a great writer.

  5. oh i can definitely make room for one of those!

  6. Hi I live in England and didn't know about these little cuties... I will be investigating further, maybe I could do up my own ?!
    Great blog

  7. Love that word, Portable Palace. I'm sticking that one in the brain file. Cute Caravans!


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