February 13, 2010

Love hack, Baby, love hack...

Flock Silk Screen Print from Naomi Murrell & found thanks to Greedy Girl.

Oh, Kids, Kids, Kids... I tell ya'... what a morning!  Here I am promising oodles of posts but I've been busy fielding a hacking issue this morning.  Anyway, long story but not particularly interesting so I'll spare ya's that much!  (But if you get anything from me as an "invitation to join facebook" do not click the link... just to be safe.)

So here we are on the precipice of looooooove!  And, I couldn't just let the weekend go by and not wish all y'all a little love!  So be well, Kids and know that your Uncle sends you smiles across the miles.  I know, they ain't cupcakes but smiles will have to do!



  1. Woops...I did click that link that was sent out. Fingers crossed my machine doesn't erupt in a blast of smoke and flame.

  2. Hi Uncle! Catch this smile :) all the way from Brazil!

  3. Trashed it straight away. No harm done. Hope your end of things is OK now. Adore Naomi's work. I was only looking at her shop yesterday.

  4. yay happy valentines :)

    check my blog:


  5. Love the print....beautiful.Hope you had an perfectly Beefy valentine!

  6. sorry you got hacked, darling. how dare somebody try to impersonate uncle beefy! happy v-day. xoxo

  7. though i'm not the big valentine's day fan as some, i'll send out blog admiration to your site, uncle b! hope all is well up your way ... -Jg.


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