February 26, 2010

I Heart PDX


  1. Yay! Portland! So funny. Growing up in Olympia, I thought Portland was really lame (preferred Seattle since it was bigger and more exciting.) Funny, that it's the talk of the country now:) I do love it though.

  2. Uncle Beefy, where did you grow up? I am from Lake Oswego. I too love to go home when I can. Los Angeles can't hold a candle to PDX.

  3. thanks for the link , some cool Portland art

  4. Portland is a wonderland of creative artists, designers and musicians. I am so happy to call it home. A far cry from growing up in Connecticut. Thanks for the Portland love1

  5. yay! i live in portland! love it!

  6. thank you for these!!! amazing.
    just flew into portland today!
    any recommendations?!


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