February 24, 2010

Grass is always greener.


  1. Is the bed upholstered? Or is the dandelion pattern printed directly onto some other type of surface? If it's fabric, I SO want to find out where I can get me some! Love it! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Oops! I should have read your post, instead of just drooling over the photo! :) Thanks for the link to Chaircouture...

  3. Wow! This is hot! The whimsy- the bed , all so fun.
    Happy Wednesday Uncle B!

  4. The fabric on that chaise! Like a cool drink of water. ;)

  5. I absolutely LOVE!! So glad you posted this, it's so fabulous.

  6. Hi, Kids! Hey... sorry if any of y'all got a whole lotta spam comments in your inbox. I gots "spamboozled" this morning! Grrrrr! :(


    Hence72... thanks muchly! And, thanks for stopping by! :)

    Elaine... I completely understand getting seduced by the imagery! Besides, I'm a guy... so I know all to well about reading the directions AFTER! ;)

    Teri Rees Wang... Looks like digital printing (which can do some amazing things these days!). Fantastic, huh?!!

    Laurel... Gggorgeous! And the bed just sends me over the edge! Happy Wednesday to you too. :)

    katiedid... I'd much rather recline on this watery chaise than even at poolside! Oh yeah, definitely!

    ashlina... Thanks for stoppin' on by and, yes, totally "out of control"!

    TheBeautyFile... Tres glamorous, oui? I could see some of your fashionable choices sprawled out in these! :)

    Thanks again for all the comments, Kids! :)

  7. I'm seeing a mermaid on that chaise...

  8. Love this! Thanks for featuring! I actually found your blog/post via Nook - which also just featured "Chaircouture." Such a great idea!


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