February 04, 2010

But then you already knew that, huh?

From Present Joys & found via Swiss Miss.


  1. I would never tattoo a person's name on my body as life is fragile and things change. Unfortunately this statement is permanent enough to warrant a tattoo.
    It isn't that I think I am dumb, just dumbfounded as I interact with some people, I start to wonder if it is them or me as one of us is clearly clueless.

  2. i should wallpaper my apartment in this.
    your blog makes me smile every single time i visit. really. i love that.

  3. Daisy's Mercantile... ain't it the truth, Sister?!! I have a feeling that you, me, and a bottle of champagne would exchange some crazy stories. This past Friday? One of my craziest! OMG!

    jordan... Thanks! That's really sweet of you to say and glad I can be of assistance in the smile dept. And your pic is priceless! LOVE it! :)

    Annabelle... I think this may go along with the creative territory. Y'think? ;)

    Miss J... Seriously? "Awesomesauce!" Shut down! One more reason to love ya' lots, woman! We need to talk! Yeah... seriously!

    Bess... Like I said to Annabelle, I think it may come with the creative territory. At least we're not alone, huh? :)


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