February 03, 2010

Breathing Space


  1. Love it - a drink in the bar...perfection

  2. I wouldn't expect to find such chic in a country setting. I even saw a scene from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" featured in the photo of their cinema. What a find!

  3. You cruel man, you! LOL What a tease this great stuff is. Oh, to win the lottery and not have to take root in this armchair (my current mode of travel too!).

  4. The first picture reminds me of the lane in Sound of Music where he is driving with the party girl and his children are hanging out of the trees with their new wardrobe made from drapes.

    The last picture makes me think of how much fun it is to wear $500 shoes and drink $25 dollar drinks while sitting in just the right light making small talk and laughing a dramatic laugh. The dress would be slightly modern slightly mad men and it would definitely have a scarf that I could hold a wave around a bit on my walk back to the room.

  5. I've actually been here several times. It's a bit of a celebrity hangout in the UK (it's the country outpost of the Soho House members only club (sadly I'm not a member).

    But Babington House is AMAZING. It's very modern and chic inside the gorgeous old exterior, the rooms are full of great technology and some of the double height rooms in the old stable block at the back are just amazing. Lovely pool and spa treatments in yurts in the gardens.

    Definitely my favourite hotel in the UK.

  6. Now this is what I call my ideal place to hang! Love it. :)


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