February 05, 2010

Black & White & Me All Over


  1. Oh absolutely - love it !! Get thee an oversize version and plaster that baby on your wall ! :)

  2. Loving that poster!

    Have an outstanding weekend!

  3. Thats great, I love the hat and the umbrella !

  4. love it hanging from that clipboard=type clip.

  5. sfgirlbybay...!!! SO nice to see you 'round these here parts! :)

    kerrin... Yeah, this one may be hard to resist! Nothin' I don't love about it.

    Kifus... How do? Hope you're having a lovely weekend as well!

    mrYen... What do you think suckered me in so quickly? ;)

    Paris Hotel Boutique... Isn't it fabulous? You could get one and then take a pic of your pooch next to it with a little bowler hat perched on its wee head!

    brock street... That clip takes the guess work out of framing doesn't it? Or hanging it from one of those clip-style pants hangers!

  6. Hello uncle Beefy, how's life ? Are thou covered in snow ? Even in The Netherlands it was on the news.
    Hang in there. Best wishes from Karin > Beschuit met Aardbeien > Amsterdam

  7. Just having come across the pond, this post/poster is very timely. I would add pack it with wipes all kinds of them!Maryanne:)

  8. This is awesome! I want everything to be in black and white these days.

  9. I would like to thank you for all your nice comments.
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    Best wishes.
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