January 14, 2010

Stormy Weather

Found out about Kevin's work through the inspiring film Lemonade

All images via representing gallery Stricoff Fine Art, Ltd.


  1. The layout of your blog looks absolutely fabulous! I just come across it for the first time… Also like the abstract landscapes a lot by Kevin Kearus. I could not find much info on the internet about this painter, except for the gallery representing him.

  2. ahh... so true. The grey skies can be quite inspirational!

  3. these are so gorgeous. I agree that grey skies can inspire indeed. In fact, you and I are on the save wavelength, Uncle, bc today I posted some misty photos...it can be so beautiful in an unexpected way, no?

  4. Marion... Well thanks for muchly for the kind words and compliments! Glad you found me!Hope we get to see you around the Bedlam in the future! I found out about him via the film "Lemonade".

    Denise... I loved the melancholy quality of his pieces. But what sells me is that there is an inherent light in the pieces so they still feel hopeful instead of morose. Y'know? (Do I sound like a stuffy gallery snob?) ;)

    Chessa... SO nice to see you here! Loved your Beauty File post!

    henzy... Thanks for taking the time to comment! Nice to have you!


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