January 26, 2010

Moth to a Flame


  1. Moths make me shudder! But I LOVE this wallpaper. I just couldn't look too closely, or I could squint. It's workable, I think!

  2. Bradford (cool name!)

    Thanks so much for the shout out-I really appreciate it! The post looks amazing! It was a fun project-especially having the chance to work with real insects! (a little strange, but they were so beautiful)

    My Best,

    Brad Ford

  3. ohhh gorgeous gorgeous wallpaper. i'm totally digging it!

  4. Jane... oh I know some who freak right out over anything that flies or flutters! I'll just have the cocktails ready at the front door! Or would that make things worse for you? ;)

    Teri... Yeah! I don't quite know what it is but on a bit of a bug kick lately? This is one seriously stylish play though, huh?

    Brad Ford... How do? Glad you stopped by! But wait a second! Working with real insects? So did you created the wallpaper then? It's amazing! Okay, we need the inside scoop. :)

    Aw, Joslyn! SO nice to "see" you here! So any room where you're going to makeover with this paper? I love it! Feels very British-garden-eccentric to me.

    Thanks for the comments, Kids!

  5. Love the combo of great pattern and clean lines. Now that I've finally met Uncle Beefy, my life is complete! :)

  6. I love this wallpaper.. would be kind of interesting in a bathroom too?

  7. Love the paper and love the paint. A perfect combination.

  8. Hi Uncle Beefy,

    You might like insecta fantasia, too. http://oldhouseclub.blogspot.com/2009/06/insecta-fantasia.html


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