January 15, 2010

First Class Friday!

 Photo by Miles Aldridge.

Well, I hope it for you, Kids, anyway! Another week down and I don't know about you but, as you can see, I'm exhausted! Whew! But that's just the glamorous and fast-paced life of a blogger I guess? "Champagne? But of course!" [SLAP!]  Okay, yeah... I know... I'll stop, Kids.

Back to reality.  Just a few lovely spots I've stopped along the way this week.  Hey, I may not get to travel first class as of late... but I can dream that way!  Thanks for being a part of my week and following along.  Have a wonderful weekend, Kids!

Beauty & The Beef

She always seems to put her heart into it.

If THIS ever shows up at a Cake Walk y'all better be prepared for a serious throwdown people!

Wanting to "waltz" my way here and enjoy a little coffee al fresco.

My unhealthy loving attachment to this little cutie is bound to come up in a therapy session one day. (Or when they're coming in to sedate me and strap me down!)

Courtney was plucking my retail heart strings from waters beyond. (And announcing her plans to travel to India! But I can only handle hating her for so much!)

Breakfast for Dinner? Uh..... YEAH!!!!

And I love me a good English Muffin.

"Falling" for all this artistic beauty at Style/SWOON.


  1. First class all the way! That's how I roll... SLAP! I always love stopping by and being totally entertained. You rock!

  2. The only way to go, mon oncle. Have a great weekend!


  3. You crack me up...

    Hope you're having a fun and relaxing weekend!

    xo, J

  4. Am lovin' the pic of this tall glass o' champagne sitting across a first class aisle. Oh snap, did I just type that aloud? Thanks for the links to all the fab blogs -- your taste is impeccable!!

  5. thanks! i love me a good Bedlam of Beefy too :)
    bess | english muffin shop


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