January 29, 2010

Artist Evan B. Harris

And Evan's got lots o' goodies that you can have for your very own! This could get dangerous.


  1. thanks Super Uncle BEEFY for mentioning my humble little blog! That was nice of you. Isn't Evan out of the universe! I am on a mission to get more work from him.

    thanks so much for those pictures of his place and studio and the man himself. I am SUCH a fan!

  2. Thanks for the intro to the fabulous work and hip pad of Evan the artist and extraordinaire. All cool people & places hail from Portland; such as Voo Doo Donuts & the Doug Fir. My daughter tipped me off to a place today, "Slappy Cakes", where you have your own griddle at your table to create your own pancakes. How creative is that?!

    Cheers ~

  3. his studio is really beautiful. nice posting..

    new to your blog too.

    all the best,
    david john

  4. btw, im here via swim with the fishes!

    awesome site! have to agree to both of you..:)

  5. OK, the little spice/condiment station had me, instant love. Then I clicked over to his website and all I could think was how much fun it would be to smoke a joint and watch that website all night. I realized then that I am a parent of 3 children and not in college anymore but it still would be fun and sad those days are gone.

  6. If you had only visited me in Portland, you would have seen his work all over the Ace!


  7. FABULOUS what an amazing talent... and right in our neck of the woods... i woul dlove to go see his work in person... have a lovely weekend.

  8. Mega-swoon! Over the home and the man and the artwork. What a great discovery Beefy. Do you think he's notice is we moved into the attic?

  9. Hey Uncle B!!! Long time no talk...you gotta stop by our new little store. We think you might likey.


    The Boys


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