December 21, 2009

"J'Adore... -able!": Laurent Desgrange

 (Bow Tie tutorial right here, Kids, thanks to FatScribe --> HERE!)


  1. OMG. for the love of love these are gorgeous. i want to get you the entire set!

  2. So cute I wish I could eat them! Fantastic!!!

  3. This makes me want one!! Wait.. maybe more!

  4. Uncle why don't we buy them all and split them between the two of us. You and I can exchange them every three months.

  5. Beefster -- always appreciate the bow-tied life. i wrote a little piece on how to "rock 'em" at the ole porkster. have a read when you get a chance.

    may you have a terrific new year's and a blessed Christmas, brother! -Jg.

  6. I'm really into metallics this year!



  7. I can't pick a favourite! I can't pick a favourite! You're killing me. Killing!

  8. oh beefy these are so prettay. how am i going to shake them off? happy holidays.

  9. I love how they look all lined up together like that!

  10. I'm wearing that first little BW number (probably with my combat boots, kidding, i do have other shoes =) and you are totally wearing that coordinating bow tie and we are killing it. Have a merry whatever!

  11. Fabu! I love the modern, unexpected twist of plaid and bow ties!

    Happy Holidays Uncle B!


  12. HOLY MOLY! Kids! Y'all are lovin', I mean, LOVIN' on the bow ties huh? My, my, my! But they are pretty amazing, right?!! :)

    tula... still haven't arrived? Hope you got my address right? ;)

    Patrizia... if tula follows through on her "word" I should expect them shortly! ;)

    Ashley... couldn't ya' just! Scrumptious!

    Ash... I never thought I'd suddenly want a slough of bow ties either!

    Cedric Smith... my man! Now you're talkin'!!! And we already know you look great in 'em! :)

    FatScribe... MUST check out your post! In fact, I should probably link directly to it from here! Hope you and your's have a great holiday season as well, mister! :)

    Nicodemus... with a name like that you can pretty much be into whatever you choose! Phenomenal moniker! :)

    Jane... I can assure you, m'dear, that death or killing or any other such violence was not my intent! Only inspired style! ;)

    See Saw... Oooh! Shake them off?!! M'dear, I'd suggest merely untying them when you wish removal. Shaking a bow tie off could do some cranial damage I would imagine? ;) (Happy Holidays!)

    Lil bee... makes them that much more tempting! Though frankly they'd never look that way in my company I'm afraid. :)

    Stash... okay. What's with all the "killing"? First Jane and now you?!! ;) Puhlease! You know we'd slay 'em left, right, and center wherever we went! Rock on in the New Year, Stash! Rock! ON!

    Miss Crystal... the plaid was the MAJOR draw here for sure! I mean, c'mon! Happy Holiday wishes to you! :)

    Kids, thanks to all y'all for taking the time to read and comment here at the Bedlam. It never ceases being most appreciated by me. Take good care and I wish you all a VERY Happy New Year 2010! :)

  13. well, damn. would one in every color seem excessive?

  14. UB -- Too funny ... your (well-coordinated) pals have been rolling on over to FatScribe for a refresher course on tying the ole bow. thank you, sir, for the confidence to send them over! -Jg.

  15. WOW...these are great for weddings...when a man is looking for something FUN & original!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  16. I have never seen tie as colourful and as lovely as these!

  17. woah. Is there a shop selling only ties such as these?


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