December 19, 2009

Guest Bloggers: T.Ruffles, Mary & Karey

mary ruffle and i have a beef with the uncle. because no matter how we've begged or bribed or stalked, he simply refuses to show his face.

well. the t.ruffle girls are persistent. plus creative. perhaps a bit obsessive. so we've compiled a list of clues in the hopes that someone somewhere somehow can give us what we want. let's get to it. with all due apologies to waldo...where's beefy?

here's what we know.

that's all we've got today. send us your reports and any data you may have already compiled. we'll continue to work tirelessly in our never-ending quest for our favorite uncle's mugshot. and when we're not on the hunt, you can find mary at it's pretty good and mary ruffle. you may visit me at mackin ink. and you can pop in on both of us at the sweeterie. or our t.ruffles shoppe. catch you later, fellow sleuths! xoxo.

ps - Hey, Kids.  It's your Uncle here.  Let's be quite clear that no monies were exchanged for this post!  And from this point on you can just [insert blushing here]!  Thanks, Ladies!  Y'all are much too much! :)


  1. Aw man, you girls are so sweet. I agree with every word. And I bet our favorite uncle has quirky good looks! How about a childhood photo as a warm up?

  2. Maryam... you ladies have to stop with all this stuff! I mean really! I'll be puttin' turtlenecks on with a shoehorn if my head gets any bigger! ;)

    As you wished...

  3. Uncle Beefy! I agree with the ladies (hi, Mary!)..please show yourself! :)

  4. What a fun, creative posts. Now I'm even more intrigued than ever!!! :)

    xoxo, Crystal

  5. There is something very special about a man named Uncle Beefy who wears a scarf which doubles as a picnic blanket! Swoon!

  6. Chessa!... what's that they say about "be careful what you wish for"? ;)

    Crystal... I was bowled over when I saw this show up in my inbox! SO creative! Isn't it?!! And I'm not just sayin that 'cause it makes me sound so good! ;)

    Simply Mel... "special"? Now would that be "special" as in interesting/quirky or "special" as in "the short bus" or "padded cell"? (I'd place my bets on the latter if I were you!)

    Thanks for the sweet comments, Kids! :)

  7. I love this uncle more than any other. Perhaps it's because I stalk him regularly, but I have seen a picture of this phantom-like man we've all come to adore. Search and you will, too!

  8. Um, I bet if you checked around this pretty l'il blog you might a great mugshot.

    Beefy - am I wrong??


  9. This is adorable!! this isn't just a day-brightener, this is an all-year-round brightener!

  10. Ha! I loved this post. :)

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  11. Awwww shucks, that was great! Of course it would come from those two fab ladies. Uncle, you must have been crimson all over. But the truth is the truth. Can't argue with that!


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