November 16, 2009



  1. Oh, are those the beloved white birch stumps..I LOVE THOSE...had a stack by my fireplace..till I got depserate one a cold winters night...boy, do I ever regret that one....should have made a hot toddy and called it good....

    More later,

  2. I love the silver birch stumps. If I had a wish this Christmas I would ask Saipua to fill them and ship them to London. What more could a girl want??

  3. OH Beefy how l Love the let me count the ways........

  4. Love the birch stumps! Reminds me of my old homeplace up in Wisconsin!! Except our stumps were free...


  5. True, these are a little bit country, but also a little bit rock n' roll. ;) Prize ribbons are divine.

  6. i used to be a great maker of prize ribbons and cocades, these ones do get me thinking of maybe getting back at it...? or perhaps i should just take pity of some poor fallen tree in the woods. ah well, cute they are all!


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