November 03, 2009

Lazy Good For Somethin'


  1. DITTO. I feel like I need to get this sign and hang it out in front of my LIFE.

  2. I feel like this - a LOT. And the best remedy when u don't feel like blogging **drumroll**... don't blog :-) Although I love any of your posts! Take your time to chill...

  3. hanging that sign on my door now.

  4. Bloggity - that's a great word! You're allowed the day off - just don't disappear for too long!

    PS Thanks for the twitter help today, and sorry about the brioche dig. (I needed a wee treat!)

  5. Achieve more by doing less - love that. I am in for some relaxing : inspiration!


  6. Here ya go...

    Doing nothing is better than Being Busy Doing Nothing. – Lao Tzu

    Hmmm, this brings to mind a few co-workers I have had the displeasure of working with in the past.

    Love the sign.



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