November 19, 2009

Goo goo for Gaga, I guess.

Image via LOUDreams.

Saw this Vogue video via Deb Oh!


  1. Ha! I publicly outed my Gaga-love on Twitter today. Daring, considering the fact that my hubs works for a fiercely underground/avant garde music distributor. Ha ha ha!

    I just can't help it! I think she's an absolute genius. You know, anyone can wear a crazy get-up in a music video, but it takes guts to wear, oh, a gyroscopic headpiece for her interview on Ellen. Props to Gaga.

  2. That sure woke us all up here at Farmhouse....Watched the whole thing...boring she isn't....that's for sure.

    Go Gaga...

    Thanks for sharing it Uncle Beefy...

    More later,

  3. i luv huh.

    {however, i also spent about 5 minutes this morning watching travis barker's version of flo rida's low. yep. i may have a thing for shirtless, tattooed drummers. does that make you feel better? thought it would. xoxo.}

  4. Okay, I'll admit that as a gal who is fast approaching, ummmmmm, well, lets just say......uhhhh, I got nothin'. Anyhow, she is the bomb.

  5. lurrrve L Gaga!
    She sure colors outside the line!
    wayyy outside!!

  6. hello
    loving all the sparkles and jewels in the video, but I think GaGa is most appealing in the shots where she has hardly any make up, and I want that blond mop!

  7. I may be in the minority....but I don't see what's so great about her, sorry guys....

    Jen Ramos


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