October 10, 2009

Spice Girl


  1. Mon Oncle, I think I met her once. But then a lot of strippers are in med school, or Stanford, Harvard, etc.

    Cinnamon is Autumnal. AND CANDY CORN. Caramel apples. Blackberry crisp. Venison. Guinness. Tweed. Cords. Macallan Scotch. Quail. October brewed beers. Cider. CANDY CORN!!!!

    Too bad we are still a MONTH away. I need to move to Seattle! I'd have dinner at Tulio and Ettas every other night[s].


  2. Cooler weather sure would be nice...! Sigh. That would be my favorite... And the ensuing crackling fires and layers of clothes. And boots. I'm partial to boots. Siiigghh. And the incredible oranges and reds and ochres against the piercingly blue skies that come with fall... But I'll simply take the cooler temperatures. Really. I'm not asking for that much.


  3. Oh I love fall- pumpkin soup, pot roast , apple pie are all things I crave this time of year. Yes-cinnamon is all things autumn- All three of those dishes use it-:)yum. Happy Fall Weekend B O B.:)

  4. Agreed, this weekend was autumnal magic, no? I was glad to be in town to just soak it all in. Took a bunch of pics and will share soon on blog, but till then I think making soups and stews are my favorite things about fall. Always food!! :D

  5. M. Lane... LOL! Love the Autumnal list you have going and concur completely. Too bad you don't like Candy Corn more. ;) Tulio...never been. Etta's...hit and miss por moi. But always willing to give it a go if Macallan is on the menu. ;)

    Vintage Simple (aka Maria)...wait, so where are you? Hoping you'll get to take in some Fall colors and boot shopping soon enough. Somewhere.

    Laurel...Pumpkin Soup! Mmmm. Somewhere I've got a recipe for Pumpkin Soup that has chile in it that is to die! Or was it squash? Anyway, perfect for Fall. If I find it I'll post it. :)

    Jaunty Magpie...food? Always food? Oh not me. Not ever. In a million years even. Me? No, food is not my thing. ;)

    Hope you all had a loverly, Fall(-ish) weekend, Kids. Thanks for popping 'round! :)

  6. llove love loooove fall! hilarious about the stripper too!


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