October 09, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Images from Harper's Bazaar. Photography by uber-talent Tim Walker.
Seriously people the man's work is breathtakingly brilliant!


  1. *GASP* LOVE this. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to the tenth power this. The mummy character reminds me of something out of Lenore.

  2. Tim Walker has a very special eye, doesn't he?

  3. crazy and creepy yet totally cool!

  4. I <3 Tim Burton, I feel like he is a kindred spirit in a way, looking at life slighty skewed.

  5. Jaunty Magpie...isn't this great? Playful and over-the-top fun but still fashionable. Brilliant!

    Alexis...ABSOLUTELY! Amazingly talented!

    Stash...twist, indeed. :)

    Ash...I love that all that "crazy and creepy" still comes off polished and put together.

    Carrie...here, here!

    Thanks, Kids. :)


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