October 08, 2009

Mad About You


  1. Dangit, I'm a Pete. Oh well, weasels are kind of cute.

  2. my husband and I have just started watching the series and are in love. I want that green couch - it is awesome. Who am I not sure yet.


  3. I'm Joan - quel surprise! Can't wait for the next series to start here.
    Happy weekend!

  4. such fun x This show is so stylish, I need the keys to betty's wardrobe!

    I was Jane Siegel ; )

    Have a great Sunday.

  5. you know what's crazy? i spent like 45 minutes of my precious free time on this! i just wanted to make sure my mad men girl was juuuust right.

  6. denise... Oh boy! Look what the cat dragged in!

    ann... it's a pretty spectacular series, ann. When you get more into it you should totally take this quiz.

    Amanda...you can color me jealous! Joan is my favorite.

    wecouldgrowup2gether...you and a slough of others, I am sure!

    Lobster & Swan...Nice to see you here, again! The styling is amazing on the show, isn't it? Unreal!

    petit elefant...LOL! So who were you after all the time and effort?

  7. I took the quiz the other day and I was Roger Sterling...ewwh, really?


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