October 23, 2009

Like they say, "Better never than late!"

Who else could come up with as lovely an image other than Rebecca Thuss?

Kids, Kids, Kids... if the road to hell is paved with good intentions then I must have a job with it's Department of Transportation! Yeah, the day got away from me before I could dazzle and delight you! Hey, it happens. But didn't want the day to get entirely away from me without wishing all y'all a deeeeelightful weekend ahead!

I will be returning again come Tuesday morning at which point you can expect me to come at you full throttle! Lights, magic, action! Can't imagine? Let me help prepare you...

My first incarnation shows up around 1:01, the second around 1:43.
You can take your pick, pretty much.
(If that image below doesn't already give you some indication.)

1 comment:

  1. Haha- love that clip! But when clips from TV shows of the 70's are of such horrible quality it makes me feel SOOO old! ;)


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