October 30, 2009


Love this "Granny Glamour" look! Though it looks like it could also be the new "Recessionista". Either way it could be a fabulous throw-together look for tomorrow, Ladies! I mean, for you. Not your Uncle! Heaven's sake! We're perfectly clear on that right? For. You.

I think? ;)

(Those shoes are crackin' me up!)

All this fashion fabulousity found at julia!


  1. These are pretty fashionable grannies! Now if they wanted to glam up a Snuggie... ;)

  2. Wow. The elastic seams on the wig aren't very subtle are they? Very grannie clown-tastic!

  3. haha! those shoes are lady hulk-like

    i love the photos though!

  4. Ha! I don't even have to try! I look like them but not as glamorous!

  5. Those shoes are too funny. There is something about that first photo I love. Sort of reminds me of Jessica Tandy in The Birds.


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