October 13, 2009

Ain't It Grand

You can purchase journals directly from the Archie Grand website (which is most entertaining!). And don't let the fact that these ship from Sweden deter you far flung shoppers as rates are very reasonable. Enjoy!


  1. Oh dear -I need these- I am going to give these out this year for CHristmas! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them :)
    Thanks B O B

  2. very cute! and swedish, ha, go figure, apparently there's a lot going on in stockholm i didn't know...;)

  3. I saw these at Colette last week - they're hilarious! I want one saying "French people I met and Liked" Would be fitting for me on my exchange :-)

  4. I'm with Laurel--everyone's getting these for the holidays!

  5. Hey I got the same one too! :)
    Haven't remembered to blog it argh!


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