September 16, 2009


If blogging has done anything for me it has created a visual catalog of my aesthetic leanings and helped me get a better grasp on my sense of style. Honestly, I wasn't as aware of my vintage predilection when I began this thing as I am now. But I think it's safe to say that, for me, everything old is new again.

The lesser part of this whole equation is that, more often than not, when I assess the fashion situation staring back at me in the mirror the only thing that represents vintage is the "old" part. (No, no, no... this isn't going to be some ageist put-down tirade. I'm past that, thankfully.) I'm speaking of the wardrobe... old and, lord knows, T-I-R-E-D, tired! And while recession-confined budgets may have my wallet cinched tighter than I'd care for, I have come across one serious source of inspiration at The Brooklyn Circus! (Which I thankfully came across via the blog "Medusa Speaks". Thank you!!!) One casual perusing and you'll see much of what I aspire to be in the closet department! Lord have mercy! These folks got it goin' on!

All images derived from The Brooklyn Circus website.


  1. I am off to check this out now! Very Hip and cool. It stinks when those vintage pieces I adored once become well, tired and yes just old. Budget issues here as well so for now checking out the cool and hip for all is where I am at.
    Thanks B o B you rock!

  2. Uggggh, SWOOOON! How had I not known about this before?! Merci merci merci :)

  3. They are truly fab aren't they? Just a breath of fresh air.


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