September 09, 2009

Let them eat cake? Uh, yeah...TOTALLY!

Agreed. If you want it, get it.

Hi, Kids! How was your weekend? Yes, I'm asking this on a Wednesday! I know, I know. But lots going on and to do! I can't just sit around endlessly admiring myself all day, y'know... things to do sometimes.

It was Kendall's birthday over the weekend so we were out n' about doing this and that. But plotting out blog posts didn't happen to make the list. Sue me. Strangely, neither did baking which would have seemed a likely progression given the occasion but we left that up to others instead. That is not to say that my love of cake has waned in the least, however! Just as enamored of such sweet confections as ever.

Which is precisely why I swooned when coming across Annie Koelle's sweet "zine" I Want Cake! A petite ode to a baking favorite with illustrations of devotion and recipes to boot! Granted, I may have to come up with a new name for my autobiography but at least Annie is trying to sweeten the deal. (LOVE it, Annie!)


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