September 18, 2009

Happy Camper

I am completely insane over these "camping" pieces by Jesper K. Thomsen over at Daytrip Society! Aren't these spectacular?

Daytrip Society has a phenomenal selection of merchandise and I am dying to visit the store in person as the space is spot on. I first heard about them via Holly over at decor8 and I have been swooning ever since. The place makes me one seriously happy camper. Er, uh, so to speak. ;)


  1. Cute! Who knew there was such coolness in the town of the Bushes?

  2. Alexis... who knew indeed?! And the pics of the store interior over at decor8 are great.

    Eve Martel...LOL! Yes. I am nuts about the aesthetic and design but that price tag is uber steep! Maybe Maine is living in a recession-free bubble? ;)

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