September 04, 2009

Friday's Flurried Frenzy

From the wonderfully eccentric vision of photographer Eugenio Recuenco!

Oh, Kids. Well, the morning has completely gotten away from me with guest posting and twittering (my bad). I knew I should have put together a post last night but between dinner and Project Runway... well, we were all screwed, what can I say? I gotta get my cross-legged dog out for his morning constitution and throw something on for work before heading out the door! But wanted to stop to wish you all a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Be well, play nice, and I'll see ya's all soon!
Happy Weekending!


  1. happy weekend to you too! you just made me realize i missed project runway last night...huge bummer. i'm off to the link to see what happened.

  2. The photo is awesome. I wake up in the mornings and feel the same way. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  3. Fantastic photograph. I'm a newcomer to the Bedlam, but plan to stick around!

  4. Love the photo.
    It was kinda the way I felt it was to shave.......
    Hated it.
    Thank God I found the bear in

  5. are you back in business now?


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