September 11, 2009

Flaky Friday

I know what you're probably thinking, Kids. "Where's a picture in this post?" It's there you probably just can't see it given that it's a stunning portrait of me and most are simply blinded by my breathtaking beauty. Or maybe I forgot to upload it? Let's just go with the former reason and move on... shall we?

A few guest posts have been done, of course, as I wrap up my time at The English Muse. With the long workday, this is gonna have to suffice for a "post". Gripping as it is in all its literary glory! Maybe even Pulitzer Prize worthy? Oh well, even if I don't get nominated at least I have my looks to fall back on. OH, JUST GO WITH IT! Jeesh. ;)

Hope you all have a loverly weekend, Kids!


  1. Mon Oncle, I am still laughing about this post! Perfect!


  2. The English Muse work has been stunning!! Thanks for sharing the Bedlam across the Pond.

  3. and to you too uncle beefy....!!!great posts all around :)


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