September 17, 2009

Chocolate: The Next Best Thing To Carob

From the Australian online delight Gourmet Traveller.


  1. I wasn't craving it -- but now I definitely am! There is no substitute for chocolate, and I'm pretty sure I need some now. haha

  2. Sorry, can't say that I can relate to you and remember a time in my life when I wasn't such a chocolate girl. Um --she ponders-- no. But I will agree that the Aussie glossy gorgeous mag, Gourmet Traveller, rocks! Thanks for sparking a new chocolate craving. Off I go, there's a new bar calling my name...

  3. Oh yum- I actaully think carob peddlers are evil.
    Happy Thursday B o B

  4. If you're going to imbibe get the real thing! I just love Pot de Creme....OOH and it looks like home made marshmallows.....

  5. Hi-ya!

    Just wanted to express my thanks. I really appreciate that you added ABCD to your blogroll!

    Warm regards,
    ABC Dragoo

  6. Yummy - delicious, want it at my wedding celebration.
    Which reminds me, we need to talk cupcakes... miss you, love you, mean it!

  7. Good Lord! The richness in those is palpable (as well as palatable).

    I must indulge.

  8. Oh golly - such delectable images. My mouth is watering.

  9. Carob is pure evil. I remember my mom trying to pass that stuff off.

    Have missed you Uncle!

  10. ha! i am one of a handful... i just don't like chocolate! i know... crazy....
    but i do like carob. & only from certain makers. most people work to hard to make it taste like chocolate & it's too sweet & powdery. but unsweetened on almonds, ie.. great. & i make a wonderful flourless carob torte that my chocolate loving family also love. just harder to find good carob.


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