August 12, 2009

Foodie Fight

You can get your oven mitts on it at Sur La Table.


  1. ooo, that does sound fun! I hope they have good questions.

  2. My kind of game... Happy belated 4-0. That menu and setup looked awesome!

  3. Oh, Beef. You and I would go head to head on this one. A regular meeting of the rinds, I mean MINDS. Shall we have a go at it tonight?

    And, listen, thank you for reminding me about the vast inspiration I have around me. Sometimes I just sit and talk to the poster of you in your skates. Did you know that? I ask you questions and you listen patiently, and I wait for the smallest of signs that you've understood. Occasionally it's a shake of your bum, other times it's a glittery wink. Always, I walk away feeling refreshed and enlightened.


  4. I knew I loved you, this is one of my best selling much so we are currently sold out.

  5. YES ! I am so with you. I actually got that as a gift last year - and for the first time in 7 years, beat Olivier at a trivia game ! Ok, so the fact that he's French and doesn't master the English language as well as I do also might have contributed. haha!

    Either way, hallelujah !!

  6. My Mom gave us this one year for Christmas - we favor ourselves fairly serious foodies, and risking sounding like a total numbskull, 75% of the questions were like, huh? We ended up passing it on to my friend who was then a student at CIA. He went on to work for Daniel Boloud and now works at Blue Hill. I fancy Foodie Fight trivia gave him that extra edge in interviews ;) Who needs a snooty falootey culinary school anyway?

  7. This is totally cool! I want it!
    Just stumbled across your fantastic blog! love your writing!!
    ...Adding you to my list!


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