July 02, 2009

Side of Bacon

All images from the Quentin Bacon website.


  1. I am so with you. Vacation please!
    Dreamy photos ~

  2. Such beautiful images.
    So ready for a trip to Paris.
    Maybe we should arrange a "bloggers trip to Paris"?.
    Love your new button on my blog.
    Have a fab 4th of july weekend my friend

  3. Bacon seems to be a running theme with you lately....hmmm. ;)

    Can't wait to finally MEET!!!


  4. Gorgeous post.
    p.s. Love the new look. I've been a voyeur for some time

  5. ...and a few of MY favorite things -- Paris (period), those fabulous old cars - deux chevaux, chocolate (duh), fabulous men's suits, and all the mouth wateringly gorgeous photos you find on the web - you are quite a magnet for them!

    Quentin Bacon's stories are phenomenal too. But so is every one on your site right now - there just aren't enough hours in the day !

    oh, and I'm with Sweet Paul (already love him for his name) - when do we meet in Paris ?! ;)

  6. I love Quentin Bacon's photography too. Bacon is go-od, yum.

  7. i love his paris photos! i think he also shoots the photos for cooking god-dess ina garten.


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