July 24, 2009

Global warming is throwing a pool party! Don't worry, we're all invited.

Sam is coming up from Texas too! I'm not sure which libation is more suitable?
Maybe a "Sam-pagne Cocktail"?

Recipes: Lillet Champagne Cocktail & The Suffering Bastard.
Recipes & photos from Gourmet Magazine's Cocktails of the 1970's.


  1. If I have have never told you that you make me laugh every day let me just tell you right now. AND I LOVE IT. I'm so thankful for your stylish humor. It is dreary here today and mama needs a cocktail! counting the days...


  2. I think I'm more of the "champagne cocktail" than the "suffering bastard." :)

    You'd better get the a/c crankin', I'm comin' on up! See you next week! (Umm, just to be clear, the W Hotel has a/c, right?) (Panic Voice....)

  3. Sam... let's hope I make you laugh when you're right in front of me! And not laughing AT me! That kinda sucks the fun out of things. Well, for me anyway. ;)

    Jason... Sorry. You understand that the cocktail association was purely for editorial purposes? I'm guessing you might enjoy the bubbly a bit more. ;) Just sayin'. Me too... much to the regret of the First Class cabin on a certain flight from London to San Francisco. Remind me to tell ya' that one.
    A/C at the W? I would think so. I mean, what with finally putting in indoor plumbing and now that the outhouses are gone, I would imagine. Or just open the shutters? The chickens? Don't mind them.

  4. I haven't had a Suffering Bastard in years! It is a great cocktail.

    The joint I used to have them at was a Chinese buffet where they served them in some sort of faux tiki mug that had a screaming face on it!!! I only used to get them when I went there on dates with one particular lady. Not the one I married...


  5. That lillete champagne cocktail looks delish. I wish I needed the air conditioner. Fogged out and cold where I am.


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