July 07, 2009

Food For Thought

Visual feasting (i.e., this photo) from Cat Segovia.

Erin always gives plenty to indulge in... especially loving "Dialogues".

Kerrin makes me long for a more international lifestyle but makes it a tasty daydream!

Food, Paris, and wit... sign me up!

Kelly serves up a lot of eye candy but I love her themed "Daily Eats".

Miss Mary... pure, simple, and tasty in so many way.

Thanks to John, "fruit pad" is more than just a nickname for "my place".

Danielle puts out a spectacular spread of things for your mind to munch on.


  1. Now THIS is some scrumptious food for thought ! Thanks for the mention Beeferama !! What a fabulous surprise here.

    I'll keep the material for your day dreams coming, don't you worry. You just keep your passport in hand - and keep your fabulous site moving at full speed ahead as it is. I love it. So many discoveries made here, and oh so many more to come. Like right now, gotta click click click to these other tasty sites too... Thanks again!

  2. thanks, Beefy! so glad you're enjoying the daily food porn :)


  3. OMG!!! THANK YOU for featuring my pic! I adore your site and try to check it out everyday! Happy Birtday day as well! Cheers!

  4. Well, THANK YOU for including me on this list! :)

    (yeah, yeah...I'm waaaaaaay behind in my blog reading...)


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