July 07, 2009

California Cool

All this luxurious living found at Adelto.


  1. This is a dream, in the hills outside San Diego. Some day I'm hoping!

  2. Wow! I'm more a brownstone kind of guy but if I could live here I WOULD!


  3. The ceiling! The ceiling!

    I'll live here, you can do trad and we can visit each other and get our opposites fix!

  4. would it be wrong to sell the vital organs of friends and family to get your hands on a place like this?

    Only kidding! but wow. my husband would move here in a second : )

  5. i love it....every clean line modern inch of it. we'll just have our drinks in vintage glassware by the pool. that would work right?!!

  6. ok, that courtyard is just plain INSANE.

  7. this is kind of amazing. not even kind of.
    i love the use of wood. definitely one of my favorites... saving this one for inspiration!

  8. Wow! this place makes me want to re-model the Eichler home I live in right now...I like to think these homes are what California living is all about.


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