June 04, 2009

Like a Moth to a Flamer.


  1. Don't pass!! I love this clawfoot candle sticks! Where can i get them??

  2. Hey Sam! You can buy 'em online by clicking the Mothology link. Just a lil' macabre/creepy for me. Maybe just in that mass cluster?

    And LOVE your blog!!! Will be around to "swoon" for sure!

  3. Pretty awesome stuff...

    I've never really understood the line between "want" and "need." My husband ridicules me for that often (I think I "need" way too many things).


  4. My keyes are burning wanting to checkout Mothology a.s.a.p. Love your sense of humor! What no chicken legged candle do dahs?

  5. I need one candlestick.....I do love just a dash of creepy....

  6. Thank you again for another wonderful online introduction!

  7. the canvas buckets have long been on my want AND need list!

  8. seesaw designs...I think we're pretty much playing in the same field on making and distinction between want and need! Wants inevitably become needs anyway...right?

    dumbwit tellher...LOVE the Mothology! I've been reconsidering the bird leg do dahs. I think I'd need to just have one or two. A whole cluster just speaks of "fowl" play! See...see what I did there? ;)

    Mr. Bluehaunt... oh don't get me wrong. I too like a dash of the macabre. A dash!

    A Stylish Presence...thank YOU for making your stylish presence known!

    jae...aren't those buckets great? I could seriously do some damage on the old credit cards! But I won't until someone stimulates my package! I mean...oh you know what I mean!

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids!


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